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Reach Out Rescue & Resources is a small group of rescuers with a large amount of passion for dogs and cats!!
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It is with a heavy heart, much sadness and many tears that I write this email. In late September, ShortStack started limping and when he did not improve after a couple of days we took him to the vet. The vet took xrays, gave us anti-inflammatory medicine but ShortStack did not get better, in fact he was slightly worse. Back to the vet, they took more extensive xrays, and we found out he had cancer that had metastasized and there was nothing they could do. We took him for a second opinion and they gave the same opinion, they said he would only have 3-6 months. He couldn't walk any longer. We asked the vet for pain meds and they gave him a shot that was supposed to relieve his pain for three days or so, but it did not last the night. ShortStack whimpered all night, we then made the toughest decision ever to let him go. He passed on October 5. He was the best dog ever and he had a good life with us. We miss him so.

Good Ole Jack
Good Ole Jack was a senior, believed to be at least 12 years thrown away to a shelter in GA when his family wanted a younger dog. RORR stepped in and transported him to MD on March 8, 2018 and we were not sure he was going to make him. His health was suffering and he could not walk without his back being arched. Love and special care by foster Terri Ponton brought this boy to life that he may have never known before. He became a fan of balls and loved chasing this around. He ate and gained weight and his white/tan coat came in thick, soft and shiny. He was really feeling the love. A few accupunture treatments later and he was walking much better and could now go up and down steps. His death was sudden and quick. He began having seizures on the morning of September 18, 2018 and could not stop. He passed over the rainbow bridge quietly with foster mom by his side. Jack was loved by everyone that met him. Rest in peace and run free sweet boy!!!

Dorothea Stierhoff Attachments 11:11 AM (3 hours ago) to rorrcanine, me In March 2012, I adopted Henry from RORR. He was nine years old but so full of life. He became a favorite in my neighborhood. The young boys would see me out walking him and would cry out "Henry" and come running over. His gentleness helped several young girls who could barely see over his back learn to love big dogs. In the past couple of years he developed bad arthritis. We controlled it with vitamins and medications but it became progressively worse making it very hard for him to walk. Yesterday he had a quiet, peaceful passing. I am so glad that I have Boppy (Benji) who I adopted from RORR in December 2016. It makes it easier and the house isn't so empty. I will always be glad that I had this sweet dog in my life. Dorothea

3/17/17 - I am sad to have to tell everyone that Tom Roue contacted me today that Geoffrey crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, March 17th. He was 14 years old. He came to Tom and Cindy in 2012 and together they came through many obstacles. Geoffrey was loved and will be dearly missed. From Tom: It just seemed like Geoffrey's life had become too much of a struggle for him to be enjoying it and it was time to let him go with dignity. I can't talk about it yet and it's hard to even write about.

Sad news fellow rescuers. Our Buster decided yesterday that it was his turn to visit the Rainbow Bridge. It was quite sudden and unexpected. I had him to see Dr. Sauble on Wednesday for an updated evaluation on his arthritis with the notion of seeing the holistic vet in Romney for acupuncture. His heart and lungs seemed sound at that visit. He seemed pretty good all the way around. Rodney said that he ate a good breakfast yesterday and seemed his normal self when he left at noon. Upon his return at 3:30 Buster was just lying in his kennel and was gone. I had always fearer having to make a 'dreaded decision' one day due to his advancing arthritis but Buster went on his own schedule and saved me from that. I am deeply sad about this loss. This dog taught me more than any dog in my life. How to be happy in your circumstances. Be grateful for what you have. Success has many definitions. A successful rescue doesn't always end with a dog beside the fireplace with a family. Sometimes it is just sheltering a homeless dog and providing the best possible environment for him to live out his days. Thank you Karol Kennedy for helping him overcome his many anxieties. He was a much happier dog after you came along. Forever grateful to the Bishops. Without them Buster would have been truly homeless, and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to know two of the best people in the world. And thanks RORR, for providing financial and emotional support, always cheering for our boy. The Bishops have generously agreed to allow me to scatter Buster's ashes in Angel Field, a section of pasture on their farm where all of their animals have gone to rest and where the Bishops themselves will also be one day. Buster was with us for 1,723 days. It is clear that he had a life of uncertainty and sadness before that. His last four and a half years were years of contentment and peace.... And barking at the barn cats :)

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