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Reach Out Rescue & Resources is a small group of rescuers with a large amount of passion for dogs and cats!!
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6/19/2024 10:45 PM

Volunteering for RORR 


Reach Out Rescue and Resources (RORR) has rescued over 1200 dogs (and now cats) since its start in August 2010.  We could not do this without our dedicated volunteers!  Volunteers are critical to our efforts to save the lives of these deserving dogs and cats. 

You will find a number of opportunities that will allow you to be a part of our team with the flexibility to participate as your schedule allows.  As a RORR volunteer we hope you will be an active participant in our efforts! Currently, RORR is in need of computer/website skills, kennel volunteers, administrative assistance and other assistance.  If you have other ideas for volunteering, please share them with us! 

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our Volunteer Application
Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form

  Provide a temporary home for a rescue animal until an adoptive family is found.  If you’re interested in fostering, please see our fostering page.

Gizmo in foster care
Gizmo is comfy in his foster care while he awaits his forever home

Transportation:  Drivers are needed to help transport animals from shelters to RORR, to events and to medical appointments.

Dink being transported                                
Dink, another RORR rescue, gets transported to his foster home

Application Processing:  Work with our team to help find the right adoptive family for our rescue dogs and cats.  As a processor, you will screen potential adopters, making necessary phone calls and conducting background checks.

Home visits:  Meet the potential adopter and ensure the home is safe and full of love for their new companion.  The home visit is a good time to discuss the resources that are available online, including information on choosing the right food, vaccinations, training and helping the pet adjust to its new home.

Events:  With RORR in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania we are sure to have an event near you!  Come to events to help handle the dogs, meet and talk with potential adopters and spread the word about RORR!

Wags n Whiskers
RORR at Wags n Whiskers, one of many local events we attend

Fundraising/marketing:  Help us raise funds to keep us going!  Many dogs and cats come to RORR with medical expenses that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Fundraising is vital to meeting our goal of saving dogs and cats.  Volunteers with grant writing experience (or willing to learn!), developing marketing material and public relations background is a plus!

Social Media:  Help spread the word about RORR by using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets.

Who's who?
The Board of Directors and Volunteer Leads can be found under Information About RORR under HOME.