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Reach Out Rescue & Resources is a small group of rescuers with a large amount of passion for dogs and cats!!
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7/21/2024 1:57 PM


Foster-to-Adopt Program

Have you always wanted a dog, but aren't sure you and your family is ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet for its entire life? Maybe you or someone in your life has expressed concerns about your understanding or commitment to providing the necessary care, feeding, exercise, and grooming that a dog requires. Do you think you might want to add a second (or third!) dog to your family, but are not really sure you could make it work? Did you have a particular breed of dog in your childhood or have one in mind now, and wonder how the dog would fit into your family's lifestyle? Maybe you aren't sure that a dog of a particular size, age or energy level is right for your home and family. Reach Out Rescue & Resources' Foster-to-Adopt program gives you the opportunity to try out a pet, and save a dog's life at the same time.  Please note that not all of our dogs are eligible for this program.  If you would like to participate in our Foster-to-Adopt program, you will be asked to fill-out an Adoption/Foster Application (link at the bottom of this page). Please be sure to read through the information below first.  Please note which dogs are available for this Foster-To-Adopt Program.

Eligible Dogs

  • Which dogs are NOT eligible? Any puppy less than 3 months old or any dog currently in a foster home within our normal adoption area, is not eligible for the Foster-to-Adopt Program.

  • Which dogs ARE eligible?  Any dog currently in a kennel or at one of our partner shelters; any dog being fostered outside of our normal adoption area (examples include southern VA or North Carolina).  In other words, we ONLY offer Foster to Adopt on dogs NOT currently in one of our local foster homes in the mid-Atlantic area.  It applies to dogs coming out of a kennel situation or from shelter or distant foster.  Those dogs in local fosters can share enough information with you, allow you to meet the dog and interact with the dog, so we do not offer the Foster to Adopt option for those dogs.

About the Program

All of our dogs are temperament tested, and we will work with you to ensure you, your family and home, and the dog are all a good match. With years of experience in rescuing dogs, we have a great track record at predicting what will and will not work.

You must have an approved adoption application and a home visit prior to entering the Foster-to-Adopt program. You may want to start the  process prior to finding a dog since  some of our more popular dogs are adopted very quickly. Or you can start  the process when you see an eligible dog you like on our site.Foster-to-Adopt Program

Before placing a dog, we require payment of the adoption fee, which will be held until the end of the evaluation period. Upon receiving a dog, you have two weeks to determine whether or not the dog is a good fit for your home. If you decide not to adopt, your adoption fee is returned, but you will keep the dog as a foster until other arrangements can be made for the dog. Ideally, the dog will remain with you until he or she is placed with an approved adopter to reduce the stress of being moved and adjusting to yet another living situation. We carefully evaluate each potential adopter/foster and home, and screen each dog to ensure suitability resulting in a 95% success rate in our Foster-to-Adopt program.

Once your application has been approved and you have selected a dog, you will pick him or her up from the kennel or at one of our rural transport stops. The dog will be fully vetted, neutered or spayed, brought up-to-date on shots, dewormed and treated with heartworm and flea and tick preventative before being released to you. You will be responsible for providing food, exercise, attention and most of all—love for your foster dog.

Selecting a Dog

Within the Foster-to-Adopt, you select the dog you would like adopt with a few restrictions. If we feel the dog would not be a good match because of family situation, compatibility issues with other pets, differences between family and dog activity levels, experience in dog ownership, or other reasons, we may not approve your first choice, but will work with you to find a dog you like and we feel matches your family situation and lifestyle. Or you can ask us to recommend a dog or dogs that we think will be a good match and we'll do the work to find you a great dog.  Not all dogs are eligible for the foster-to-adopt program as stated above.  

Medical Issues

If your dog should have a medical issue during the evaluation period, or during fostering if you decide not toFoster-to-Adopt Program adopt, Reach Out Rescue & Resources will cover expenses for medical care by an approved veterinarian with prior approval. In the case of an emergency, get the dog to the vet, but contact us as soon as possible with the details.

Behavioral Issues

If you have a problem with the dog during evaluation or fostering, or even after you have adopted a dog, we are committed to working with you to resolve any issue through expert advice, training and/or behavior modification. Any dog that shows aggression will be removed from the home immediately.

How to Apply

We have had many families who weren't really sure they were ready to adopt, find that “match made in heaven” through our Foster-to-Adopt program. Here's your chance to find out if a particular dog is right for you and maybe save his or her life even if (s)he isn't.  If you have questions concerning which dogs are eligible for this program, we will be happy to help you with that.  To be considered for this program, fill out an adoption/foster application here, and let us know you are interested in our Foster-to-Adopt program. Thanks for making a difference in a dog’s life!