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Reach Out Rescue & Resources is a small group of rescuers with a large amount of passion for dogs and cats!!
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1/16/2021 10:40 PM


Web Image: dogcloudA Dog's Prayer / God's Response

Dear God,

As I wander the streets lost and confused looking for a scrap of food and a soft place to lay my head I pray once again that you might send an angel of rescue my way. I have heard about them. I hear they give up days at the spa and golf courses to get us mended at the vets. I hear they give up going out to eat so we may have a full bowl of food. I hear they don’t get to go to nice hotels because they would rather give us a bed to snuggle in. They don’t buy the latest gadgets but have a basket full of toys for us. I have heard they sacrifice all this and more just for us.

They mend us, love us, teach us, and then give us new life in a forever home. They pour their heart and soul in us only to give us up to another for a chance at rebirth and redemption. But why God would they do that when we have nothing to give back to them? I am just a battered old dog. I smell from sleeping on the streets, my paws are bleeding from being on the run, my ears are scarred from the insect bites, and my ribs are showing from lack of food. I can also be a little aggressive and scared from the lack of love I have had and may bark or bite if approached although I don’t mean to. I do want to be loved but have never been shown it. So why God would they want to rescue me? If they do exist though please send them my way. I would be forever grateful.


The Dog



Dear Dog,

As you wander the streets know that rescue angels are looking for you. I made them extra special so they can help you on your way. They have the sharpest eyes around and can see a dog that needs help when others will pass them by. They have very keen ears to be able to hear even the tiniest puppy whimper calling out to them. They have a nose that welcomes the smell of a dog in need of a nice warm bath and gentle hands to massage away the fear. They have a face designed to withstand hundreds of dog kisses and will relish every one. Do not fear for they will find you. I also gave them the heart of soldier who will never quit until every last dog is rescued and will never leave a dog behind.

You ask why they would want to rescue you and sacrifice so much. Silly dog they do not sacrifice things in life for give them life and enrich their souls more than any material thing could. To them the battered old dog is as beautiful as a rainbow after the rain. The smell of puppy breath is better than any exotic perfume. Your excited little wiggle and jump when you see them after a long day is more relaxing and heartwarming than any day at the spa. Your scarred ears and little ribs showing through gives them an opportunity to caress , cuddle and care for you as they would a newborn baby. They do not fear your bite but welcome the opportunity to show you how to love. So you see my pup, without you then they would truly be sacrificing life as you are the reason these angels live.


God and your angels of rescue

Written by Tammy Randolph