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Last Updated:
4/2/2020 12:31 AM

Photo Session - Patch

Photos of Patch were taken at the Walk n' Wag in Frederick at high noon. I don't recommend taking photos under these conditions! There were too many people and other dogs, and we couldn't get far enough away from the distractions to have a good session.

The first three photos show Patch in his natural state--a perpetual motion machine. He finally got tired of jumping, barking and pulling on his leash and rested for a brief moment (photo 4) but he was facing away from the camera, and background is too detailed.

Photo 1

Web Image: Patch1

Photo 2

Web Image: Patch2

Photo 3

Web Image: Patch3

Photo 4

Web Image: Patch4

I moved a little for photo 5, but now poor Patch has a tree growing out of his head. He caught sight of me and resumed his silly puppy routine (photos 6 and 7).

Photo 5

Web Image: Patch5

Photo 6

Web Image: Patch6

Photo 7

Web Image: Patch7

Photo 8

Web Image: Patch8

Finally, he calmed down again (photo 8), but again, the background is distracting. The cars and houses can be cropped out of the photo, but the photo could be improved if he was in total shade. Also, I've cut poor Patch's front paws off and the double leashes could be a little off-putting for some adopters.

Photo 9

Web Image: Patch9


In photo 9, I've now got him in shade although it would make a nicer photo if the background didn't have shade at the bottom background and sunlight at the top. Also, Patch now has a tree growing out of his head! But I have gotten the double leashes and the harness out of the picture. Yes, he was still wearing it.

Photo 10

Web Image: Patch10

And finally, photo 10, we have a nice solid background with Patch facing us with no evidence of the harness or leashes. I think I took about 50 pictures of Patch that day.