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Last Updated:
6/19/2024 10:45 PM

Fleas and Ticks

by Libby Marquardt

Apparently fleas and ticks have been quite bad this year. I am getting a request a day about how to handle this, so here is my recommended protocol...

We all know I hate the topical poisons that are put on the back of your dog's neck. While topical poisons are effective, they can be problematic. If you touch the dog or your kids touch the dog and pet it, inevitably the poison goes to into your kid’s mouth or can be absorbed into your body. If the dog plays with another dog, the neck area is the first place they grab on each other, so it's then absorbed in their mouths and the sensitive salivary glands.


How do you get rid of the fleas without topical poisons? The first step is to get some Capstar; this is a pill that  Web Image: flea cycleyou give the dog and it starts working immediately. All fleas should be off within 4 hours. If you see more, give Capstar again the next day. Capstar is less expensive if you order online; try PetCo or PetSmart or search the internet for the best prices. Many online stores offer free shipping.

Then start your dog on a flea preventative.  Ultimately the flea life cycle is broken. Once you are sure all fleas are gone, then begin using a natural prevenative and keep the dog on it year round.

For heavy infestations, use Adams spray. Treat all furniture, carpeting, bedding (washing is good), and yard areas. I only recommend this if it's really needed.

Once we get a heavy frost, the fleas will die off for the winter (just be careful if we have a warm stretch in the winter), but not in your warm home. Stay on top of this protocol for several months to totally eliminate the fleas. Once you are at this point, be sure to put your dogs on a monthly preventative, such as Earth Animal Internal Powder or Springtime Bug Off (both of these will also help with ticks).  The key ingredients to look for will always be garlic and brewer's yeast.

Web Image: deer tickTicks

If you have a tick problem as well, put your dog on Earth Animal Internal Powder or Springtime Bug Off. These products will keep most ticks off of your dogs. Just remember that there is not a tick preventative that will be 100% successful; you will still need to be vigilant to prevent tick borne diseases such as Lyme disease but please do not give the Lyme vaccine without investigating first!.