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Last Updated:
4/2/2020 12:31 AM

The Day Luann Went Home
by Inglath Cooper

When it comes to rescue work, there are some days that are just plain hard. And there are others that make it all worthwhile.

The Franklin County Humane Society had one of those days a couple of weeks ago. And that was the day Luann went home.

Web Image: lucky luannLuann came to us at 13 or 14 years old, in the sunset years of her life. It’s not a time for any dog to be in the position of looking for a new family. But that’s what happened to Luann, and all you had to do was meet her to want to search the ends of the earth for that family.

It’s never an easy task to find potential adopters for a dog this age. But we set to work on it, because Luann deserved her own comfy couch on which to spend the rest of her retirement. Meanwhile, she had her own den at the Franklin County Humane Society Adoption Center and plenty of volunteers and staff to tell her what a wonderful girl she is.

The process for letting people know about Luann began with getting a great picture of her (Jess Kraybill captured her calm sweetness perfectly) and telling her story to other potential rescue groups who specialize in older dogs (Thank you, Anita Scott!) and letting adopters know about her as well.

As it turned out, Luann snagged the heart of an adopter right here in Rocky Mount when she was spotted on the Humane Society’s Facebook page.

Arlene Quinn-Wood’s post said, “I will come and get her today!”

And she did just that.

Every volunteer and FCHS Adoption Center staff member could not have been happier for this girl. She waited a while for someone to see her and know they could love her, and they do.

That’s why we do what we do.