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Reach Out Rescue & Resources is a small group of rescuers with a large amount of passion for dogs and cats!!
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Always remember you are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem and smarter than you think ---Christopher Robin to Pooh

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BB aka Beast never knew the pleasure of a good loving home for his last 8 mos of his life.. but he did know love from his wonderful foster who did everything to make his comfortable and happy. "We sent BB on to his next adventure today. He had really gone down hill in the last week. It was time. He went quickly and Frank and I were with him. He had roast beef for breakfast:)"

It is always sad to say good bye but dear little Bea was in just too much pain that it was the kind thing to do.

How does one say good-by to a beautiful dog in spirit and looks. I’m not sure but today was the last day on earth for beautiful Bella. She got a yummy meal that she did finally eat, several treats and walks and pictures taken for memories. Bella was a 10 plus year old white German shepherd. Abandoned on a road, probably because of the cancer and left to fend for herself Bella walked alone. She was one of the lucky ones though; a humane officer picked her up and took her to the shelter. Bella came to me through the backdoor as I had not heard of her need yet. I got a call for help and answered it. Her tumor had ruptured and she needed to go to a vet immediately. She was so sweet when I met her and patient with me in getting her in my car though it hurt. She got immediate attention by my vet. Pain pills are a good thing when hurting and they allowed her to rest and get some much needed sleep. Surgery was done but alas too late cancer was already throughout her body. The cancer came back with a vengeance. Sadly, to late to give Bella lots of time; her time was very short indeed. Two weeks after surgery Bella said good-by to me for the last time. I didn’t even have her a month but will always remember how courageous she was through the pain, surgery and how little her time left was. She never stopped wanting to go for her short walks, wagging her tail. You see she told me this week, I am done it hurts to bad. I need to go to a better place. I listened to her words given through her beautiful eyes and knew what I had to do today. I let Bella go to that better place to be free of the pain. Bella taught me another lesson, live with courage and die with dignity, thank you Bella I look forward to seeing you again

We lost a treasured family member on the 29th of June when our wonderful dog Biffer passed Monday after a long illness and 7 incredible years in our home. Sweet and loyal to the end, he taught us about strength, devotion and unconditional love. Gentle knowing soul. Catcher of birds. Jumper of decks. Master of the head roll. RIP sweet beautiful doggie. Forever in our hearts.


Beautiful Bishop went to Rainbow Bridge today... His foster mom, Maryjo, took him into the vet. He was examined, and his prognosis was extremely poor. He had hip dysplasia in both hips, severe arthritis and degenerative myeolopathy. He was in severe pain and that was not likely to decrease much at all. The vet gave no hope of a comfortable life, even with drugs and weight loss. This dear sweet boy was held and loved by Maryjo as she said goodbye to him. He gave a good fight, and only recently knew that people would be good to him.He's not hurting any longer, and will be waiting at the bridge!

Maryjo said when she helped him into her car to take him to the vet, he cried in pain, and every time he tried to get up to potty, he was struggling and in severe pain and cried.

My heart breaks for this dear boy.


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