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Reach Out Rescue & Resources is a small group of rescuers with a large amount of passion for dogs and cats!!
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March 2, 2013 At 2:30 this afternoon, a peaceful end occurred to a rescue story on this earth. Sadie was my daughter's 13 year old dog; a little pom and whatever mix who was adopted by my daughter from a frequent kill shelter. She was middle aged when she joined us - full of infections, the worst case of whipworm the vet had ever seen, and nails that had grown into her pads and then split apart so that the ingrown part was hidden and she was walking on what appeared to be just jagged ends instead of the pain they must have caused. With health care, she blossomed into the most energetic and dainty little house lady who periodically liked to get down and dirty with my (Nana's) crew. She could come in and rule the roost or just enjoy the fellow dog company for periodic "vacations." About two months ago it was evident that she was loosing steam and living with a toddler was causing her grief, so, without waiting to the end of her gentle patience, she came to visit Nana's pack. She spent a glorious doggy two months with her buddies, inside and out at will, rolling in the winter grass, lounging wherever she wanted in the house. Yesterday she just couldn't get up. A vet had alerted us to this inevitability, so it was not a surprise. She passed on without pain and with lots of love. Her pals had hung around her since yesterday and she had enjoyed lots of lap time. Sadie was a devoted watchdog, an unfailingly gentle friend, and the best lovebug imaginable. And she had been a discarded animal the some fool had not valued just waiting to be all those things. We will never know if her rough beginning cut short the possibly longer life, but live she did and made many more of our lives all the richer for knowing her. Rescue = love.

Sadie Cupcake
Sadie Cupcake has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. I want to take this time to thank the RORR family for all of their love and support . Sadie died knowing she was loved. She was not just a disposable dog that no one wanted. I wanted her and I wanted her to know how much we loved her. Thank you Donna for being there with me. I so appreciate your loving hand on my shoulder as she took her last breath. It was so peaceful and she was ready to go.. Her tired body just could not do much more. Dr. Sauble was so helpful and kind to help us through her last minutes. I always learn many lessons from my fosters. She taught me that it was ok to let go, that she knew love and was thankful for her journey with us , even if it was only for a short period of time. Derick Dearing, you are the best friend ever. Your support from pulling her from Animal control and then to today has meant the world to us. For all of the text messages , phone calls and words of good thoughts on FB has made this so much easier in knowing that the RORR family has been here for us. And finally to Libby for having faith in me to do my job. I love you all....


Sally started getting sick, and was progressively getting worse.  Her foster, Jean, tried everything she could think of... But on July 22nd, Sally took a turn for the worse. Her foster, Jean, rushed her to the vet, only to learn that she was suffering from severe kidney failure. Jean made the difficult decision to let Sally go...

Sally was a sweet older girl, who never had a good life until she was taken in by her foster, Jean. But her life was very good with Jean, and if Sally could, we are sure that she would say "thank you for saving me".


My dear sweet Samantha will always be with us... she had a happy 12 1/2 yr and after a rocky start as a rescue, found her forever home and will always be in our hearts.

One very special senior found a wonderful home and lived the next three years being loved... she has gone "home" now and made room for her family to yet help another senior.. thank you Anita for all the love you gave our girl!!

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